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Design easily.

Even a forward-looking, interactive audio program is still designed by a human editor. In our software, that’s exactly what happens. Users combine content from different sources with the so-called programmatic logic – without any programming knowledge, purely via an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It’s all in ONE PLACE.


Publish on various platforms

Publish easily, too.

We will connect everything for you: APIs, plug-ins, and integrations. So as a publisher, you can reach an enormously big audience on various platforms, channels, and devices, without worrying about technology. This way, you can calmly block out the complexity of today’s media market and concentrate on creative tasks and your audience. Just easily reach THEM ALL.

Publish on various devices


Save resources through automation and AI.

Leave the hard work to the machines. This refers primarily to the compilation of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of personalized audio streams. But even beyond that, you can save by no more needing any new hires or expensive digital specialists – and still benefit from the AUDIO BOOM.

Be a part of it.

If you are a developer, UX or screen designer, or project or community manager –join the adventure and build something relevant with us. If you’re not one of the mentioned but are determined to take digital audio to the next level, you cannot but write us, too. We’re hiring for our German offices (Cologne and Frankfurt regions). But as we are a digitalized company from birth, you could also contribute fully from your home office. Just START THE CONVERSATION.

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